Monday, December 28, 2009

Paduak Cribbage Boards

One of my family's favorite past-times is the game of cribbage. Being annoyed with the store bought, and poorly crafted, cribbage boards, a good friend of mine, Peter Whitten, and myself came up with a new design based on the classic horseshoe style board. Our first boards were crafted of curly/tiger maple and we gave them as gifts. The response from the recipients was great. So this year for Christmas I revisited this design with a different wood, Paduak. I made four of these boards, which are fairly large in scale, 25" x 7 1/4", for my immediate family. I was lucky enough to have access to the shop I work at and was able to use the machines there to craft these boards. The blanks were milled from 8/4 stock down to 1 7/8 ( 1.875), joined and sanded on one face. The holes and v-groove lines were done using a Routec CNC. Having access to the CNC saved lots of time and all the peg holes came out perfect. I ripped them down to 7 1/4, joined the ripped edge to remove saw marks and I was ready for finish. These were finished with sealer and a poly-based clear.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wine stopper collection

These two wine stoppers are turned from Bollo, a beautiful light amber wood with deep and distinctive black veining. Finished with a high-friction polish, and a layer of carnuba wax.

Another set of Bollo stoppers.
This stopper is turned
from an Australian Pinecone.
It's a difficult product to
work with but the result
is a piece filled with character.
Finished with Mylan's and poly.

A pair of stoppers made of Jobillo.
Inspired by drawer pulls and doorknobs.
Finished with grain sealer and wax.

A stopper turned from Kingwood. I enjoy working with this wood because of it's straight and predictable grain and it's medium density makes it easy on your tools and hands. Finished with Mylan's.